Da zhong
Da zhong, established in London, is an international architectural design firm which is rising sharply these years. We pursued Chinese markets since 2008, providing One-Stop design services, including planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, etc for supreme clients who are mostly focused on Art Humanities.
In possession of abundant international design resources, we bring together with the most well-known designers, professionals and the academic elites from world-class universities. We have won client's trust all over the world for our high-quality projects. Our master pieces have been spread all over China in these years, especially in the economically-developed regions, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as their landmarks.
Our clients are mainly composed of China's real estate industry leaders, including SRE group, Shanghai ChengTou, China New Town Development, Shanghai Greenland Group, Hainan LanHai group, Suzhou guosen group, etc., in addition to large numbers of provincial and municipal governments.
Da zhong rapid growth depends on our specialized operation. As a joint-stock company, we extremely care about the close connection between each designer’s self-development and company’s development. Each designer is a passionate, professional, brilliantly-talented and constantly-growing individual, drawing a better blueprint for the company.
Da zhong carries historical responsibility in this specific times, wishing for a wonder future with each of our staff. We are aiming to create a legend as APPLE in architectural design industry, and contribute all we can for each of our works.